Offset the Ecological Footprint of your Wedding


What is VOW?

VOW is a Faunam initiative in collaboration with Alternare and the local indigenous communities.

It is an opportunity for sensible couples who are concerned about the well-being of the planet and wish to offset part of the ecological footprint associated to their wedding events by adopting a grove of trees amidst the forests of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in the states of Michoacán and Estado de México to be safeguarded by the local indigenous communities.

Remember that by contributing to protect and expand the forests we are helping nature help us

The trees clean the air, absorb carbon, help infiltrate and evaporate water, protect the soil, are home to a wide diversity of plant, animal and fungi species, a natural community that provide us and the planet multiple environmental services like those mentioned.

How does VOW work?

We help you offset the ecological footprint of your event by protecting Nature

With your support we will promote solutions for forest owners to better protect them, providing social and environmental benefits.


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